It’s only about you

Life is such,

madly consumed much,

my disposition is crunch,

my mind, away from you can not detach.

You are the object teeming in my brain,

the substance the grain,

the thought of you wipe every ounce of pain.


With you dear,

I have been in love with easeful death,

In the air you take away my quite quiet breath..

Sweet Erica!

Erica 1

Everything about you l adore,

Of you l want of more, more.


The mistress (boss of my heart) l chase,

need stronger faith to embrace,

Wish  l could have, to, the Grace


©2020 Luckson Makaya Mupakamiso

It’s criminal

I was often told that extreme end of anything is either a defect or a vice….


When something is done to the deepest end it becomes immoral and criminal…..


I have been a criminal : Erica l think of u all day, you are in my prayers (praying that you attain the desires of yo heart), all l write ever since its about you…..


Alone l talk to myself and you are the subject,

The content of my dreams there about you….


I admit, l’m guilty, l’m a criminal – it’s illegal,

Arrest me if you can (citizen arrest)..

You are also guilty you stole my heart..


©2020 Luckson J. Makaya Mupakamiso

I see God

At a funeral someone saw God,

In the same vein of seeing,

When l look at you, think of you,

I see God, blessed be the work of his hands.


I’m unqualified to stand and shout,

but l acknowledge bounds without,

this heavenly creation and clout.


She is a finest gem,

mankind to tame,

her beauty in hall of fame.


It is no game,

to bring my retired fingers to the pen,

It invokes praise and worship, Erica, the name….

Praise and worship to him who creat..


©2020 Luckson Makaya Mupakamiso

I often thought,

that characters like her,

only existed in fairy – tales.


Now l can testify,

nod and confide,

that indeed one exist.


I’m a witness,

of this madhuve empress,

all round she impress.


Its no longer stranger nor fiction,

a heavenly depiction,

more than an inscription.


Incarnated being,

Joy that brings,

melodies rings..


Fellow compatriots,

Folks yonder, hear me,

Erica exist… I’m witness


©2020 Luckson Makaya Mupakamiso

Wish you well

Gentle Spirit,

I wish you well,

Soundness in every bit.


When you are ailing,

my sun goes under the cloud,

I long for seeing your perpetual smiling.


I pray for a happy recovery,

I pray for divine covering,

Healing from calvary.


©2020 Luckson Makaya Mupakamiso

Erica from the East

My admiration, l will not conceal.

Your beauty, my energy to steal,

My sickness to heal…..


I will not conceal my admiration,

Of this queen from the east,

She came in my heart in peace.


With pleading tone,

Overflowing hope,

Forever to be with her, l long.


Her lingering light,

Shines bright in my heart,

My hope, my joy, in my heart of heart.


©2020 Luckson Makaya Mupakamiso


I have thrown the hat and dice,

You make the poet in me arise,

You get the first price….


You are mentioned with honour due,

Your beauty is most true,

Always looking new.


Your splendor on perpetual rise,

Defeats all artistry-make up disguise,

In your presence l want to reside.


Your beauty is my fervent inward boast,

I admire your inner cost,

You reign Tino, uttermost.


I can’t find words enough,

Its on appeal more than dough,

I may not have proof,

But l can shout on top of the roof,

Of Tino and Tino alone.


©2020 Luckson Makaya Mupakamiso