looking back

As l look at the view mirror of this vehicle of life,

l halt to reflect with Thanksgiving, 

great are the things the Lord has done,

l shall not want……



l look back the days of my life not to curse,

l bless every road, dust or tarred,

Jehovha has been gracious…… Amen



in His presence

l see the unseen,

hearing every bell that ring,

following the guidance of the Holy Spirit,

not leaning on what l think,

with  a joyous heart to sing, 

confident that l won, and always win…

in his presence,

the Lord ‘s presence,

the presence of essence. 


©Luckson Mupakamiso 2017 




no longer the shinning gem,

things not the same ,

 gone of the past the grain.

 living in perpetual pain,

pain without meaningful gain.

left hoping ,for the latter rain.

another unpleasant incarnate,

a nasty parade ,

every turn a charade.

desperately need God “s guidance.

his ever awesome assurance,

I owe Christ ,virtual dependence….

by Luckson Mupakamiso

divergent ,convergent

falling apart

once blissful that,

from the start .


drifting ,

goal post shifting ,

shattering .


days no longer the same ,

replaced by every gimmick and game,

glory turned into shame.


in Christ they is hope ,

with situations to cope,

as our worries drop…..


by Luckson Mupakamiso


in me

his fire

will not tire

to give life entire

his fire in me

never goes out

ever putting me up

his fire

its all i have got

I will never perish or rot






      my all .

by Luckson Mupakamiso


words have semantic and pragmatic content for every intent

we are raise by life giving words

destroyed by perverted words






by Luckson Mupakamiso