shrouded in secrecy ,

in invisible fence ,

stashed in unknown trench.



its strange ,

the covert extent,

a secret .


by Luckson Mupakamiso



Why resorting to non -progressive infighting ,

Each other reputation shelling ,

Every grain of image shredding ,


Character assassinating ,

attracting publicity,

perceived nemesis’s  persona  tarnishing


by Luckson Mupakamiso

What a blood

Multi-purpose blood,

                                                         Bringing of blessings the flood,

                                                                                                                           In Grace to ground ,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ringing a heavenly sound.

by  Luckson Mupakamiso


Perception blacker than the darkest night,

Impairing from victory of faith the fight ,

Ignorance being the obstacle and plight ,

Bask in Glory the greased flight .

by Luckson Mupakamiso

Behold all things are new

Buried is the dark and haunting past,

Now endowed , mandated with the Lord’s mission thrust.

Convergent of our all , trust,

Not looking  back on the filthy past.

Laying aside life corrupt , rusty,

shaking the dust.

by Luckson Mupakamiso


Riddance ,refurbishment

Bringing undesirable to book,

On irregularities on the look,

Exposing acts of hook and crook.

Plugging out loopholes,

Erecting pillars and poles,

Making a determined score.

Remedying ,

Nursing bruised sores,

Overhaul to the core.

By Luckson Mupakamiso


You are a wonder

You are a spectacle,

of Glory an article,

my admiration born to tackle.

A wonder,

surely a wonder,

your splendor thunder,

meat for me , the hunter.

When I think of you,

I’m made to drool,

indeed you stunning outlook ,

makes me write a book.

When I ruminate of thee,

I stir in my pants,

you are the only possession in my hands.

By Luckson Mupakamiso




Source: You are a wonder