wondering !!!

Staring  my untouched cup of coffee

mind afar

miles from the scorching cup.

Uninterrupted by the crazy cup yonder

feeling not wind from ajar door

engrossed in thoughts on pour.

Deeply , wondering

in profound pondering

immersed in thoughts mind blowing .

Ruminating the next move

move on this maze

complex chess.

In search

of the most viable strategy

course of action

to solve

in thinking it drove.

Looking up

summoning the power above

solution to sup.

wondering up and down

Contemplating ,travelling every imaginary town

Paying homage to the highest crown.

Winding , unwinding

The repository of thoughts mounting

with them doing the hunting.

In search

of therapy to ease the ache

solution , to catch .

Plan to hatch

Torn fraternity to patch

elucidations to fetch.

by Luckson Mupakamiso



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