Contagious hunger

The rumbling stomach awoke me from the deep slumber , l could not drowse anymore ,awake ,active but hungry ,needed food badly ,despite having eaten some hours earlier afore taking a nap .still l needed a morsel to crunch and ease the growing protest of my stomach.


Forcefully ,with dexterity I pushed the cover bed some inches to the unpainted dust wall to permit my vertically challenged, short frame to cautiously slide to the cold ceramic tiles ,upon hitting the ground with a thud I shuffled my little winter cracked feet to the kitchen .The kitchen was the only place that had attracted my attention a will ,and made me to leave the comfort of the furnace of a cover bed , of many colours that my late mother in her divine wisdom had sewn for us .


All precautionary measures were undertaken so as not to woke my little brothers,not that I cared not to disturb their perhaps peaceful drowse ,but it was all because I wanted to partake the left overs without sharing and interference ,that was the potential conflict of interest that I wanted to avoid by every overt and covert shred gimmick and  grain trick known in the grey matters of my brain.


Awoken by perpetual hunger,

determined to partake the interiors leftovers bowel,


I had the urge ,

made a pledge.


To break the gates of the oven cage and partake

all the leftovers in my rumbling belly to take.


To the brim, neck,

determined and awake.


Little was known that my brothers and I were wired with pheromones ,the chemical signal believed to be the unique possession of ants ,which allows the tiny influential and well coordinated creatures use after locating food. There is a growing belief among academics and ,clue pregnant researchers advancing Artificial Intelligence phenomenon ,these many scholars ,some self appointed scholars elevate the mimicking behavioral  patterns of ants in advancing Artificial Intelligence supposition.


Pheromones ,it is rumored that after an ant find food ,happy takes it back back to the sophisticated nest ,leaving behind a pheromone trail that will attract others in a colony .The more ants or colony (in their seemingly manifold ,multitudinous numeric) the stronger the pheromone.

After having heated the food about to take the first morsel my brother Blessing announced from behind “I’m in ” while taking a chair next to mine, my other brother silently dived into the bowel without announcement or warning .









contagious it was ,

in those early hours ;

fascinating was the drama;

for food the persistent clamor.




by Luckson Mupakamiso



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