have his DNA

Christ in us ,

he who was,

he who is …..invincible

so are we …

as he is .

Christ in us the hope of glory .

by Luckson Mupakamiso




no longer the shinning gem,

things not the same ,

 gone of the past the grain.

 living in perpetual pain,

pain without meaningful gain.

left hoping ,for the latter rain.

another unpleasant incarnate,

a nasty parade ,

every turn a charade.

desperately need God “s guidance.

his ever awesome assurance,

I owe Christ ,virtual dependence….

by Luckson Mupakamiso

divergent ,convergent

falling apart

once blissful that,

from the start .


drifting ,

goal post shifting ,

shattering .


days no longer the same ,

replaced by every gimmick and game,

glory turned into shame.


in Christ they is hope ,

with situations to cope,

as our worries drop…..


by Luckson Mupakamiso